New CPD Event



  1. Use separate Form for each event.
  2. Completed Form must be submitted together with the organiser’s tentative event brochure.
  3. Applications shall reach the Board by not later than two (2) months before the date of the event.
  4. All applications shall be accompanied with the requisite processing fee of RM100 which is non-refundable.
  5. Attendance lists must be duly signed by participants and a copy shall be submitted to the Board by not later than 2 weeks after the event. The attendance list must be certified by the Organiser prior to submission to the Board.
  6. Copies of all papers presented shall be submitted to the Board by not later than 2 weeks after the event.
  7. An administrative charge equivalent to 5% of the event registration fee in respect of Professional Architects, Architects and Building Draughtsmen registered with the Board attending the CPD events shall be imposed on the Organisers. The said administrative charge shall be remitted to the Board together with the submission of the attendance list.
  8. Any approval given by the Board will be based solely on the documents and information submitted by the Organisers. The Board shall be informed of any changes in the details of the event and it reserves the right to withdraw the approval.
  9. All approved CPD events will be posted at the Board’s website at The Board shall not be responsible on any changes in the course details.
  10. Organisers are not allowed to use or display the Board’s logo in any of their brochures, posters or any other types of material. Organisers are allowed to state the number of credit hours approved by the Board.
  11. The Board will not entertain any application which do not comply with the aforesaid requirements.
All decisions of the Board regarding this application is final.